Thursday, July 19, 2012


The girls got to go to camp with UFB again this summer.  Tori missed one day because we picked her up for Grandpa's funeral.  Samantha missed one day because she broke her arm.  

They went roller skating and Samantha told me she figured it out really quickly.  She said she had so much fun, and was telling me all the thing she did that day.  She called me back about 20 minutes later.  She told me she fell when she was roller skating and her wrist hurt.  I said I expected her to fall a few times when roller skating.  I told her I had packed some Ibuprofen and she could take two.  She said ok, and went to bed.  The next day the head of the camp called and said it was a little swollen but Sam said it really didn't hurt.  Then a few hours later they called again, so my in-laws went to pick her up.  I took her to the Instacare and yup......she was broken just like Tori.  Buckle fracture.  She told my In-Laws that she had tried to swing but it hurt too much, so she just sat in the shade.  When she got home she was telling me all about going the Thanksgiving Point and riding a horse.  Ya.....her story changed just a little bit.

She got a splint and then two days later she had a caste.  She will be getting it removed tomorrow.

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