Monday, September 13, 2010


Jason and I went to the audiologist Wednesday morning. Christine is so sweet and tries so hard with Jason. We got to the office and he knew where he was supposed to go. He went right into the booth and sat down on the chair. Unfortunately he really didn't want to take the test, only play with the toys.

Here is some video from my phone. I sat on the opposite side this time, with Christine.

We concluded that we still have NO IDEA! Christine suggested that we take him to the ENT and then set up and ABR if his ears are healthy. I did set up an appointment with Dr. Muntz but that takes a good month to get into see him. Once we are able to determine the health of his ears, we will then work on getting the ABR.

Then Duncan had a scrimmage game. They are division 4 and this team was division 2. They did really well! I'm excited for this season. There will be some fun games to watch.

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