Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Saturday was a play day for Brett, even though we were all very tired. Jason decided it was a good idea to be up from about 1:30am-5:00am. So you can imagine how wonderfully awake Brett and I were.

The Priesthood had a golf tournament in the morning, and Brett went and had a fun time. He doesn't golf very often so I wouldn't say that it's his game, but he had a good time.

Then he came home and we went shopping, and he got the ingredients for his chili for the ward chili cook-off. He did a really good job and it was quite enjoyable. Although it was quite warm to the taste buds.

They had police officers, fireman, and EMT's come and judge the contest. Brett's cousin Lisa Sharp took first place. I'll have to have a taste of hers the next time I have the chance. The kids played at the park most of the time. Samantha had a ball playing with her buddies from her church class.
After dinner, the boys played flies up. Tori was the only girl involved. I think Brett took out the Elders Quorum President at one point. I think he's trying to avoid anymore callings.

Sam loves those recycled tire shavings. At one point I turned around and her shirt was completely full. Needless to say she REALLY needed a bath when we got home.
Jason played the whole time. He could have cared less about dinner.

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