Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I spent the day with Jason yesterday. The way we transfer files at work was down so I had to wait until later to get anything done.

Brett got home and went into the office for an hour and a half, and then he came home so I could go to Relief Society. We had a lovely Dutch Oven dinner, and we learned about care and use of Dutch ovens. I'm excited to put my new found knowledge to use.

While I was gone, Brett grouted the tile!! It looks fabulous. Brett has a doctors appointment this afternoon, so hopefully he will be able to finish up the molding around the cabinets tonight. I'm so excited!!

Paula also came over while I was at Relief Society. We didn't actually set up an appointment so I missed her. I think this will be the last official visit from her. We will miss Paula but I'm sure we will see her from time to time.

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