Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh my!!! Can I tell you how insane, and lovely this week has been all at the same time? Sunday night I thought I was going to cry, I wasn't sure Jason was ready for pre-school. I didn't want it to be hard on him. Monday morning I couldn't even eat breakfast, I thought I was going to throw up. This is not me!! My other kids were ready for pre-school. I knew they would love it so it wasn't hard for me to let them go. Jason however is quite the mystery, you just don't know how he will take things. Also, he would have another year before he could go to regular pre-school so I'm not sure my mindset was in the right place.

I pulled up to the school, opened the van and tried to put on his backpack. He would have nothing to do with that so he shrugged it off and took off running. He ran to the front door, and was ready to go inside.
We found his classroom, and he walked right in. He saw the markers and that was it. He was ready to be there. On day two his teacher was trying to get him to go wash his hands and he wanted the markers. I heard her say, "I know that's your happy place, but we need to wash your hands first." I giggled all the way to the car.
They have a discovery table. Jason really liked that at his play group.
They make him sit, they make him participate. He doesn't get a choice! As you can see, he took it in stride.

They have one adult per kid. They had a weighted teddy bear and put it on his lap so he could sit still. It really seemed to do the trick.
When I was done filling out the paper work, I headed to the door. I didn't think he even noticed me leave. I got on my tip toes to peek in the window and we made full eye-contact. He didn't cry, he didn't whine, nothing. He is ready!

The teacher has given me a few updates for the week. He is doing better with transitioning. Their main concern is getting him away from the art activity. (Not surprised there.) He said, "MMMMMM" when they wanted him to ask for "More" at snack time. Woo HOO!!!!!

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