Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jason's Well Check

Jason had his well check today. He was absolutely insane! If Lisa wasn't sure he was Autistic before she is now. =)

He was bouncing off the walls the whole time. The lovely stool with wheels, ended up being a fun toy. He held on to the bar that raises and lowers it and he walked around it for about 15 minutes. I don't think I ever saw him stumble, or even give a hint he was dizzy. =)

That's my boy!!!

He is 41 inches tall which is over 97% in height, and 37 lbs which is 95% in weight.

He has a sinus infection, and will be on amoxacilin for 10 days. She gave me the name of a pediatric dentist just down the street, and gave me some advise for additional therapy for him. We discussed the possibility of SSI and what we need to do to qualify.

He got the flu mist, and a shot. He's doing well, and I haven't seen any signs of grumpiness. Hopefully this will not make a difference in his night. I would like to sleep!!!

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