Saturday, September 4, 2010


Today started out shopping as usual. Saturday is for the most part, grocery shopping day. Brett picked up some supplies for the Labor Day, Labor. First we got a motion sensor for the basement bathroom. The kids never turn off the lights so we figured this would help our electric bill. This is his, "Are you really going to take my picture in the bathroom?" face.
Brett picked up some paint stripper and started working on his car.
Look how absolutely awesome this is. I know, probably not very healthy, but dang cool!!

The trunk is now stripped down to bare metal. Nice!!!
While I was out helping Duncan move the tramp, I saw this. It's gotta be a mole hill right???

Than in the midst of the day I decided to update my blog. I saw a friend of mine's blog and she had found some counter paint! Yes!!! We ran over to Home Depot and I picked some up. $20.00. After dinner I asked Brett to move the fridge and stove and got to work. Yes, I Painted it!!! I really wanted to do something this weekend. Brett always does all the home improvement stuff and I feel guilty.


AFTER!!!!!!!!! Not to shabby! I'll take another picture in the morning after it is completely dry!


sidskids said...

Looking great!!

sidskids said...

Definitely a golpher hole.