Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 25th

The girls started swimming lessons on Saturday. I think we are officially done with Dance. Don't tell Tori that though, because she will change her mind. =)

We went to Mark Bello's baptism, and it was wonderful. It's always nice to feel the spirit when a knew member receives the Holy Ghost.

Duncan had another soccer game. The Ref was a little out of it, and I felt like he wasn't paying attention. Duncan played well, and I'm proud of the effort he has started putting into the game.

Jason completely crashed. I had him in my arms most of the game, but he woke up and wanted down. The grass didn't even phase him.
This is the angry crew. Not really angry, but these are the Dad's that get a little involved. I thought it was funny so had to snap the picture.

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