Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 24th

On the 24th it was a little crazy!!! Brett is a Webmaster and they are revamping the whole website. So they hired a photographer and had a professional Photo shoot. They asked Brett for photo's of our kids and they wanted them to participate.

Samantha got to sit with this lovely "Grandma" and read to her and have her push her on a swing.
Most of the rest was Duncan and Tori. They got to sit at a picnic table and do "Homework".
The Make-up lady tucked Duncan's shirt in for him. He was quite embarrassed.
Then we went into a building and they had some "school time" photos taken. Brett was playing with the blocks just as much as the kids were.
They got to work on some "Art" for the pictures, so after the photo's were done and it was someone else's turn my kids sat down and had some more fun.
They had Duncan on one side of the couch and Tori on the other. Duncan had the computer, Tori had a book. Duncan being the computer wiz that he is found a game to play. So when they were done for a minute the girls wanted to see what he was doing. This is what my house looks like most of the time.
FREEDOM!!! The kids were just so happy, to finally get a chance to run through the fountains.

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