Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Brett found some tiles at Lowe's for $0.25 each. They are the style we had talked about so we decided that today was the day. Well......I decided. Brett had other projects in mind, but we ended up doing mine instead. I did keep telling him that he could go do the ones he planned on, but then I'd need him to cut something right after I'd advise him. He's a sweet husband.

I had Tori take a picture of the both of us working on the tile. I know, I'm cheesy.
I also made Brett take a picture of me placing the last tile. Again, REALLY CHEESY!!
This is the before shot of wall with the stove.
Here is the tile job as is.Still needs grout, but it looks like a whole other kitchen.

Next we'll need to paint the walls, Brett is going to make a faux paneling on the walls, then repaint the cabinets, and new hardware. This is will have to wait a little bit, but I will be able to live with this kitchen for a while!

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