Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tori was a good teacher

Tori got to teach a first grade class today. Her VI teacher was asked to give a presentation on Braille by Mr. Paget who happened to have been Tori's first grade teacher. Marcia decided it would be good for Tori to get up and talk about Braille with the class.

Marcia stopped by on the way home from school and said that Tori did awesome!

Tori talked about where Braille came from, and the life of Louis Braille. Then after that she told them about the Brailler and how it was used. I guess Marcia had a bunch of cards typed up with some Braille words so they had an activity and Tori and Marcia helped the kids read them.

She is very proud of herself. Any self esteem builder for Tori is a good thing!!

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