Monday, December 7, 2009

A nice do nothing weekend

The kids have had some pretty nasty colds coming on. Jason has had a snotty nose since about last Sunday so we decided to stay home and take it easy.

Saturday the only thing we left the house for was grocery shopping. The kids were set on the task of cleaning the family room. It took them ALL DAY. Just because they were only cleaning during the commercials. Then every 15 minutes or so they would take a "break". Ya, it wasn't a very productive day for the kids.

Then Sunday Brett was the only one that attended church, and only then because he has to lead the music in Sacrament Meeting. I don't think the kids even got dressed on Sunday. Samantha helped us make some French Toast for dinner. That is sort of turning into a tradition on Sundays. To have the kids help, one at a time, with cooking. Sam even did a bit of the flipping of the french toast.

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