Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Life cannot be mellow

Yesterday ended up being a long hard day, as was predicted. Jason didn't leave my lap.

He's doing much better today. He's being his normal crazy self.

Saturday night the drain backed up again. Brett did everything he could to get it unplugged and thought that he had it unblocked.

We went out to Sub-Zero ice cream for family night, which the kids LOVED. When we got home, the floor was flooded again. So as we speak I have a Roto-Rooter guy taking my toilet off it's base and is going to snake the drains......260.00 down the drain. Literally.


Grandma Debbie said...

I hate when that happens. especially in the winter months when it is so inconvenient. Sorry. hope the problem is fixed.

Maxwell Joseph Raymond L. said...

Hi, I was searching the Internet for info on Stickler Syndrome and found your page. My grandson is currently being tested, he has many of the symptoms including, short stature, glaucoma (he has already had surgery to lower pressures), extreme nearsightedness, hearing loss, and many of the facial features. I would appreciate any additional info you could share. I'll check back later.

LutzFam said...

Maxwell thanks for your comment. The reason I started my blog was because of the all the things that we go through as a family. Usually the things involving the medical world are under Tori update, Samantha update, or Jason Update. We fight different issues as they come.

We have actually not had the testing done because my husbands first cousin has already done so. We do a lot of piggy backing on what they've already found.

Your welcome to follow my blog, I'm sure we will have new things pop up all the time.