Friday, December 4, 2009

The Bountiful Light Parade

Duncan, Tori and Samantha were in the Bountiful Light Parade. It was dang cold!!! Jason wanted to jump up and run around. Which I couldn't blame him because it was freezing. Until of course the parade started, and then he just wanted to sit on my lap and watch, and stay warm.

They always start the Parade with the firetruck siren, I think it was an unexpected noise for Jason because he grabbed his hood and pulled it down over his head.

There weren't a ton of actual floats. But, anything that is lit up and moves is ok with us.The kids were on this "float". Brett tried the video function and it didn't really work. It was just too dark. Of course I thought they'd be singing but they were just riding along the parade route. Nice and toasty warm under a million blankets. bum is still cold from sitting on the curb. At least the kids all stayed warm.
I couldn't get a very good shot of the manger float.

I loved the tractor. It made me giggle.

And of course the tractor was pulling an old coach.

This was Woods Cross High's float. Much better then the Bountiful High float. (Note the rivalry that is a constant at my house between Brett and I.)
It was too cold for the clowns to be out walking the parade route so they rode instead.

This guy could have stayed in front of us for hours and I would have been happy. That was a nice blast of heat.
And of course the parade always ends with Santa Claus on the Davis County Clipper float.

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