Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Choir

The kids performed at a retirement home on Tuesday. This is there last performance for the choir. Duncan, Tori, and Sam are just too busy but it was fun while it lasted.

My favorite part of the evening was during a solo performance. The soloist was a young teenager and he was very nervous. I could barely hear him over the piano. Of course that meant that the old folks couldn't hear him. Unfortunately it was also a very LONG song. In the middle of it one woman leaned over to another and "whispered" something. This of course means that the whole crowd could hear her. She said, "I can't hear him singing." I just had to laugh, you just have to love them!!!

I remember going to help with Sacrament Meeting when I was in Young Women at the Retirement Home Branch. I was always disturbed out how noisy and "un-reverent" they were. Now I just think they are great, and I understand they can't HEAR.

I didn't get Jingle Bell Rock at the last performance so here it is.

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Grandma Debbie said...

Oh those were the days when I could go listen to my kids sing. I love going to the rest homes. I love old people. They are full of wisdom and there isn't a whole lot that they have not experienced in their lifes. Fun stuff!