Friday, December 11, 2009

An Earlier Start

Last night for about 3 hours I slept on the floor, next to Jason's bed. Needless to say my back was on fire when I woke up this morning.

So I got moving a lot earlier then normal today. I'm trying to be more responsible and get Jason dressed and his hearing aid in to start the day. As you can see, I did it today.
However, it's already out and attached to my shirt. Mr, is not wanting to wear it. Surprise, Surprise! I'll put it in a little bit later and start acclimatizing him to wearing it again.

We had Joel the Occupational Therapist come over to our house yesterday with Jean the behavioral therapist. I really like Joel, he seems like a really nice guy. He said that the visit was mainly a formality and he'd already decided that Jason would need O.T. We had filled out an evaluation on Jason's Sensory concerns earlier and he said Jason only hits the Normal scale in one area. That is Sensitivity, he is OK with being hugged and loved.

We talked about Jason and our concerns. His issues, for example NO FEAR, and his constant movement, climbing, eating things that he shouldn't, his attachment to his bottle. Anyway, what Joel told us is that Jason sounds like he is a Sensory Seeker. So Jean made us a weighted blanket and weighted vest to see if these things will help to calm Jason down. We'll be having Joel come to our home 2 a month.

He's wearing he Aid again! Just needed to distract him with a sucker while I put it in. =)

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