Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frost Bite

I got a phone call this morning from a neighbor saying that Tori was crying on her door step and wouldn't walk to school or walk home. I had to go and get her and find out what put her into hysterics.

She had put on her snow boots from last year without socks, and went to walk to school. Tori scuffs her feet something awful so she had worn a hole into her boots last year. Her feet had gotten so cold she couldn't move one more step.

I brought her home made her put on some socks and change into her high-tops.

On the way to school the story came out! She had gotten a little bit of snow in her shoes and said that it hurt and started to cry a little. Duncan advised her that if it hurt enough for her to cry then she was 5 minutes away from frost bite. My sweet, yet obnoxious boy, even took off his socks and gave them to her. Of course she would have been fine, but she's a bit emotional.

I guess it's time to get Tori some new snow boots.

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