Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Home Evening

Yesterday felt pretty good. I spent the day working as hard as I could so that we would have time to play last night. My goal is to have work finished by 6:00pm every night. I'm not sure that will happen all the time, but so far so good.

Brett cooked dinner, and then I came upstairs and helped make dessert. Yes, we had dessert. =)

Spaghetti for dinner, baked apples for dessert. It was lovely.

Then family night consisted of cleaning our rooms and the front room so we could put up our Christmas tree. We got it done pretty quickly and then enjoyed our baked apples. At least most of us did. Samantha didn't even want to try them.

We didn't get our tree decorated because we started a little late but the tree is up, and lighted. Decorations to come.

It was a nice relaxing day. Work completed, no stress, I didn't even leave the house except to drop the girls off at Hip-Hop. It was kind-of nice.

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