Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Day

Today is going to be a REALLY long day.

Saturday night Jason wouldn't sleep. We were up for a good 3 or 4 hours with him wimpering and coughing. I had tried to give him his inhaler but he fought it and although he got a shot of albuterol he still seemed like he was struggling. I took him into the front room and we slept on the couch for a little while. The cold air seemed to help. Then about an hour later he began it again.

I was in pain from laying on the edge of the couch for an hour so I went back into my bed and grabbed his inhaler on the way. I tried to give him another puff and he fought it. Then he grabbed it and put it on his face and started to breath. He grabbed for the inhaler and wanted to make it work. I gave him another puff and he put both hands on the face mask and breathed deep. Then reached for the inhaler again. I gave him one more puff and he held onto the face mask again, breathed deep and then fell asleep.

We went to church yesterday and he seemed OK. I talked to Lisa, the kids nurse practioner, and she said to come over after church and she'd check him out.

He has 2 ear infections, but the inhaler seemed to be helping with his Asthma. She gave us an antibiotic, and another inhaler that is supposed to help control his Asthma better.

We also discussed some things to help control my dangerous little bugger. He's found out how to climb up on the counters and my dresser. He really likes to climb, and he freaks me out!

Because of all his issues this weekend he hasn't wanted to leave my lap all day. I have so much work I'm going nuts. I should have worked this weekend, but really didn't want to.

We'll see how the day goes!

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