Friday, August 30, 2013

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This little picture went around when the new Young Women General Presidency was announced.
I decided to be one of the many LDS women to comment on it.

I love this! Not just because of the giggles that are sure to escape my lips. This picture brings to mind the story of Sleeping Beauty. When the evil witch breaks into the celebration the 3 good fairies put themselves in between Maleficent and the baby. Then they offer a solution of protection to the king and queen. The king and queen have no problem giving there precious baby over to these 3 good women. These women take Aurora and raise her as there own. The love her and care for her. The teach her and again LOVE her. When the inevitable spell puts Aurora to sleep the good fairies go after Prince Philip and help him defeat the evil maleficent that has turned into an evil Dragon.

I'm sure the thought of being compared to the 3 good fairies might not be something these 3 women ever thought would happen. I'm sure that these positions have caused much anxiety and stress. But they are willing to LOVE my girls. They are willing to teach my girls. They are willing to put themselves between my girls and evil. How can I do anything but LOVE them for what they are willing to do. Thank you sisters!!!!

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