Monday, August 12, 2013

I posted this on Facebook

I watch a web show called Autism Live and was introduced to a Facebook page Cowboy & Wills.  I love sharing our story because it helps me, but it helps others as well. 

I have 4 beautiful kids. My youngest just happens to have Autism. He is now 5 and is non-verbal. My 3 sweet kids help him as much if not more then I do. When I was pregnant with my 2 daughter my son was bummed. He told me, "Mom, I've talked to God and he said I could have a little brother." He got his little brother and he tells me at least once a week that when he gets married his wife better like Jason because he will be living with them. How lucky of a Mama can I be?

Here were some of the responses.
That story makes everyone cry! My older son has autism and is limited verbal. I so hope his younger brother becomes his advocate and his forever friends. He is only 7 and it's so hard for him to understand why Danny doesn't talk or doesn't help him with his homework or doesn't play with him or hits him... It's hard for all... 
Such a touching story!!

This made me CRY!!!
I also have four kids(youngest is autistic 5 yr old) 
The love the older sibs have and the EMPATHY... Autism has changed us all... For the better
God bless

 I love this! My youngest lives with autism and her siblings are very protective of her and love her to the max! I marvel at how our children set the example of unconditional love! Thank you for sharing!!

 I cried too! I have a 7 year old with Aspergers and ADHD, and a typical ( so far) 2 year old, both boys. I am a special Ed teacher, and have seen the struggles my oldest faces, especially with his peers. I hope his brother not only remains his best friend, but his advocate!

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