Monday, August 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up February 12th

The van was late picking up Jason that morning.  I turned around to take a picture of my sweet boy waiting patiently, and this was his face that I snapped.  It is the "Hey, I want your phone." face.

Tori had another eye appointment with Dr. Bernstein.  Her retinas were good.

Samantha had to have her lenses replaced, again.  So she couldn't see anything, which makes waiting in a doctors office much more difficult.

This child could spend hours taking silly pictures of herself.

And yes.  That is her lazy eye coming out without her glasses on.

And of course she had to get one of me.

This was Jason's cute Valentines project that we got when we picked him up from school.

Jason loved the snow this winter.  Mostly eating it.
Samantha left me some candy on my pillow.

And poor Brett was a jungle gym for Jason.

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