Friday, August 9, 2013

Playing Catch Up March 14th

Duncan had dental work.

But he also had his tongue clipped.  He was tongue tied until this day.  The funny thing was I have never seen the dentist be so excited to do anything.  He was so excited to use the laser.  The whole office was excited to see him use the laser because they never do.

You can't tell too much in these pictures.  As his tongue has adjusted to be freed it's a little different.

The I picked Jason up from another N.U.A.P. party.

Since Duncan was with me I had him help Jason with the pinata.
And help him sit for snacks.

I had my review at Dressbarn.  Duncan had to watch Jason while I went in the back room for my review.

Then I took Tori and Aurora back for a little shopping later that evening.

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