Thursday, August 8, 2013

Playing Catch Up 2013 Braille Challenge

Samantha eating breakfast sitting with her buddy Hanna.

I caught this picture as I left them at the Center for the Blind.

I came back and found Samantha doing Karaoke.

And the group sang a song.

This was Samantha's group she competed with.

This is the group that Tori competed with.

 Samantha getting 3rd place (in something) 

Tori got a prize for spelling.

Samantha got a prize for being the only kid in her group to read on grade level.

 Samantha does so well even though she hasn't really been trying with her homework.

Marcia prepared Tori to not win anything.  This was her first year competing in JV and she still doesn't know everything that she should to compete.  She was so surprised when she took third in spelling that she had to show it off to her friends.

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