Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playing Catch Up April 16th

Tori had her first performance of Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.  We had tickets to the show another day so we didn't see the opening night, but she was so excited!

She was mortified at the amount of make-up I put on her.  She thought she looked rediculous.  However she was singing a different tune when she came home.  The director was using stage make-up to add to the other kids and when she saw Tori she said, "Oh...your good."  Maybe Mom isn't crazy after all.

Dick and Brett worked so hard.  They really do make everything look easy.

Here's Lucy's booth that Dick made.

Brett's bus

Brick wall.  Without fail boys will be boys and they think they are so funny.  They had to show everyone that they were lifting a brick wall and that it was so heavy.

Snoopy's dog house.

Schroders red piano that Brett and Dick both worked on.  Tori reminded everyone that it was red.

As soon as everything was moved on stage the girl playing snoopy jumped right on top.  Thankfully Dick made sure that it would hold.  Jason of course loves the stage and had to take off as soon as we let go of his hand.

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