Monday, August 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up February 9th and Child Family Fun Day

Walmart can be a scary place.

Brett got a bunch of stuff for Duncan to make a first aid kit and pass it off with the merit badge counselor.  
He still hasn't.

Hanging with the cousin at the Child Family Fun Day.

Tori was a little freaked out by the hill.

Jason was really mad.  He didn't like the snow very much.

Samantha doesn't need help to play.

Brett was helping Duncan put on the snow board.

Leslie was trying to help Jason settle down.  She gave him her big gloves.

Brett took him for a ride.  He still wasn't very happy.

Of course it could have been the fact that I sent Jason down the hill by himself once.

I love this look on Samantha's face.  She didn't want to lose her glasses so she couldn't see worth a darn.

Duncan was trying really hard to figure out snowboarding in 5 minutes.

I think this was the one time Tori went down the hill.

This is my handsome baby.

Brett was sitting in the snow trying to help jason settle down as well.

I love this!

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