Friday, August 30, 2013

Playing Catch Up April 23rd

Good morning Mom!


We went to Grandma Wilson's to pick up her old patio furniture.  Jason loves the porch swings.

We also loves to swing in general.

So does Samantha.

We had a great day this day.  We went to the in-laws and he dropped his popsicle stick on the floor.  Brett said, "He dude! Go to trash." He stopped mid-run and turned around and threw it in the garbage.  That would have made my day, but when he decided he wanted to go to the neighbors to swing I told him he needed shoes.  He went around to the other side of the van, where he had taken them off, and tried to put them on.  I almost cried.  It's amazing the little things you see when progression is so slow.

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