Thursday, August 8, 2013

Playing Catch Up February 27th

The last time we were at Dr. Bernstein's office he let us know that there was a study being done at the University of Utah on Sticklers Syndrome and getting genetic testing for free.  So I got in contact with the girl and we were back at the Moran.

Jason was home again because he was sick.  He has no fear!!  Heights are fun...not scary.  This boy gives me anxiety any time we are there because they have everything open and there is just a little railing in between  him and a four story drop.

\Tori did so well getting her blood drawn.  No freaking out or anything.  Because it's a government/college study we won't know for sure what the findings are......well......I'm pretty sure already.  =)  Once we find out that Tori for sure has it we can have the rest of the kids tested.

Because it was kind of a unnecessary needle poke I took Tori to Sonic for a shake.


I guess he was watching T.V. and I decided that was awesome!  Yes...I know....T.V. is bad.  But Jason doesn't every watch T.V.  He never stops.  So I've decided Leap Frog is the way to go.

Look how cute he was.

He fell asleep and I then had to wake him up to go to piano lessons.  RUDE!

It feels so long ago that he started taking Guitar Lessons from Grandpa.  He now plays so well that it's a little strange.

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