Thursday, August 8, 2013

Playing Catch Up March 11th

Yes.  I took a picture of my lunch.  My dad made my soup, and my husband made my bread sticks.  I was feeling pretty lucky that day.

Jason all of a sudden picked a Reese's.  Now that doesn't seem weird since it's been a while, but at the time he passed up a KitKat and went for a reese's that day.

Brett got his $30 glasses that he ordered online.  I still like them.

It was SPRING!  I sent Duncan out with Jason to jump on the trampoline.  Daisy had to join in.

We parked at Brett's work and took the train up to City Creek to pick up a new iPad.

All of a sudden my kids are big enough to ride on the train standing up.

Jason is a really big fan of riding the train.

After we picked up the iPad we checked out the mall since we had never been there.  Samantha and Jason loved the fountain.

Tori was my helper and made sure Jason didn't jump in.

We then went to the Disney store. I have some pretty princesses don't I?

Sam really loves being a princess.  Well......maybe.

And of course Duncan had to be a princess too.

After all was said and done we went to Iggies because they give you ice cream with the kids meals.  My kids quite like it there.

And Jason's life was once again complete because he had his iPad back.

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