Friday, April 22, 2011

Speech Therapy

Jason went to speech therapy on Thursday. It was fabulous once again. We started out our visit with the gym. She took one look at Jason and new he needed to get some energy out. She had a picture strip and discussed his needs with me as we went along. He started out on a swing and then went to the ball pit.

She said she will probably use the ball pit as his reward next time, along with Kit Kats.

She had some suggestions for sleep aids, and how to get him to settle down.

Lycra seems to be a good material for Autistic children. So I'm going to have to find some good compression clothes. They also sell Lycra sheet for the bed. Again she suggested this to help him sleep. I'm excited to work with Lanie. I think she will help us a lot.

On a side note. Jason said "Bye, bye" and waved at Grandma and Grandpas Siddoway. He did it twice. Maybe we'll be able to continue this trend!!!!

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