Saturday, April 16, 2011


The girls got to sleep over at Grandma Child's house on Friday. We dropped them off and went to Duncan's soccer game. Jason fell asleep before we left the house, and he slept almost through the the first half of the game.

Duncan's team played soccer yesterday!! The actually executed passes, and they won the game!!! The score was 3-2. This was the first game Duncan's team won. They have been so close, and now it happened!!!

Duncan actually scored. The goalie did not have control of the ball, but the Ref couldn't see well and as is appropriate called it in favor of the goalie. However, I did get a picture of it.

Jason woke up and we walked the track that was around the field. However, he was still VERY tired and threw a fit for a while. I just stood there and watched the game.
The coaches were as excited as the boys. It was definitely a fun game!!!
And of course no game is complete without seeing a guy on a unicycle! Well, maybe not. However it was quite entertaining.

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