Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jason is going to kill me

This is how the week started. He has done NOTHING but cry all week!
Of course it didn't help that it snowed. He's been peeling EVERYTHING! This is one of his many OCD qualities. Then if you tell him no, he FREAKS OUT!

This week he's broken both of our cable boxes. I don't know why he feels the need to sit on and bang on things. Again. Autism is very confusing.

So yesterday we ran up to Layton to exchange the boxes so that I wouldn't completely lose my mind while the kids are home. At one point Jason had broken a brand new bottle of Garlic Vinegar on my kitchen floor. Let me tell you the smell was FABULOUS. I went downstairs to mix another of my class songs and when I came back upstairs Jason was sitting NAKED on top of the brand new cable box! I grabbed him off made sure there wasn't anything to clean up, (other then disinfecting), and got another diaper on him. I went outside to the garage to talk to Brett about building a shelf because Jason was already sitting on the box and he found a way to change the channels. Brett sent me inside to measure the box and when I got back in there the T.V. screen was green. I could hear the noise but only a green screen. I don't know what Jason did, but I had to unplug the box. While I was fixing the cable box and measuring it, Jason went into the kitchen and started smashing raw eggs on the floor.......REALLY!!!!!!!

I know Brett felt my anger. I think I practically threw it at him. He built this lovely shelf quick as a wink. We'll have to paint it in the future, but for now Jason can't reach the cable box.

At least we survived yesterday. Today it is sunny and he is outside with his brother and sisters and their friends on the tramp. The netting around the tramp is getting thrashed so I had to tie it back down again. I'm not sure if it will hold but for the moment it's OK.

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