Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jason and O.T.

I went to the O.T. today and boy was it a good session. I learned so much about my boy!!!

He needs one of these. Not just the tube but with the cloth covers. He has starting to really chew on his clothes, and also he enjoys sucking on the fabric.He loved to play with shaving cream on the mirror. He thought it was awesome. Not only did he get some sensory input from it he enjoyed drawing as well.
The O.T. was cleaning the chalkboard off and he thought that was great fun! He had to join in. She suggested water painting with him, either on a chalk board or out on the side walk as it gets warmer. No mess!!

This is her suggestion for helping us get him off the bottle. Not spill proof but he might actually try it.

And he needs one of these. He needs deep pressure on his head. She said that more than likely the pressure and being upside down helps him organize himself. I thought if we get the junior rugby helmet and added beads were the padding is, we might be able to help him sit still. Yes, I know he will look weird, but anything to help him at this point.

He also really liked this swing. We'll see if Brett can figure out how to make it.

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