Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome Mom!

I walked downstairs to find something. Jason was in my room watching the T.V. When I went upstairs I couldn't find him. So I ran back downstairs to see if he had followed me. He wasn't there. I checked both doors. Both locked.

I ran around for about 5 minutes looking in all the usual hiding spots. No where to be found.

He was under my bed. We have drawers under our bed, but they are divided at the bottom. So there is a nice little opening underneath.

However to make things even more awesome, he found a hole in the fabric in the bottom of the box springs and has cocooned himself in it. I was trying to get a picture underneath with my phone so I pulled Tori's Ipod out of my pocket. Jason stole it and is enjoying himself quite immensely!!!

And no, that is not spider webs. Just the gross fabric they put under the box springs. However, I'm going to now have to fill that hole as well......

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