Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Celebrations

Easter as all holidays can be crazy. We did enjoy ourselves however. We finished our baskets and tied bows on the tops. Yellow for girls, Blue for boys. They were kind of cute. The kids did enjoy them.

Saturday we went to Grandma Siddoway's for the annual Easter Egg hunt. We got there and hung out while we waited for everyone to show up. As you can see Jason could have cared less about the intense crowd gathering.
Grandpa Siddoway always has to lay down the rules before the insanity ensues.
I don't think we got one face shot of Samantha. She never stops, always on the go.
Tori is always very serious about her egg hunting.

Duncan's main goal was to find the eggs with the money in them. I'm not sure when he became so money hungry. I think he was just born that way.

We had a lovely dinner on the deck. It was actually nice enough to be out there. It was fun to see the boys all hanging out together.Jason LOVES watermelon.
The older kids left the gate open to the "Tiger Tribe". It's what they call their little spot behind Grandma and Grandpas house. Now Jason knows there is more back there then he thought. =(
They also left the doors to the pool office open. Once again, another way to get behind the house.
However, he did really enjoy the cup stacking. That might have to be a gift for his birthday.
Jason walked into the front room and looked at Alaric. He walked over to him and shoved a piece of candy in his mouth. I love Alaric. He is such a good kid to put up with my little monkey.
One of the eggs had silly putty in it. Duncan thinks he's really funny!
Jason completely crashed. Saturday was just a little too much for him.
Sunday we spent the day at my folks house. We had another Easter egg hunt. It shouldn't have been quite as chaotic since there was half the number of kids compared to the day before, but I think my brother Jeff equals about 25 kids all by himself. Always doing his best to keep the kids riled up.

Jason ran out of the house with the rest of the kids but went straight to one of the cars. He didn't want to be there.
Tori was doing her darndest to not be one of the little kids, while really wanting to be one of the little kids.
Samantha was convinced she got the most eggs. She was very proud of herself.
Jason just loves bubbles. It's kind of nice that he is paying attention to something.

Jason will join in the fun if it's jumping on the tramp.
Duncan wasn't feeling well. He didn't really join in with much. He played soccer, but ended up with a head ache.
Leslie helped the kids make nests out of pretzels chocolate, and the kids thought they were fabulous.
Happy Easter everyone.

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