Friday, April 1, 2011

Bwaaa Haaaa Haaa!!!!

Surprise! There will be another Lutz baby around october fourteenth.

This was the text I sent my family for April fools day. It totally worked!!!!!!! Tee Hee!!!

My mother-in-law texted back and asked if it was an april fools joke. When I confirmed that it was, she asked, "Are you sure? Where did you get that picture?"

My sister Kristen called me and told me she bought it hook, line, and sinker. Her husband also pranked her about the house that they are building. She bought that one too.

My little sister Leslie texted me back congratulations, and then texted again asking if it was an april fools joke. Then she called me for good measure.

Leslie said that Mom and Dad hadn't bought it which bummed me out. Until Dad texted asking if it was an april fools joke. I called back, and I could tell by the panic in my Mothers voice that she had bought into it! To which I replied....."I'm so funny!!" The weren't very happy with me!

It would have been funnier if my sister Traci wasn't with my parents. She's the only sensible sister I have. She reminded them what day it was.

Last but not least my husband bought it for about fifteen seconds. I even told him to go get his phone and see my joke. He paled out a little and said, "REALLY????" To which I said, "NOOOOOOOO! It's my April Fools joke!" Sorry Dear!!!

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Brett Lutz said...

I wouldn't say even 15 seconds. Like I told you I knew you weren't pregnant, but I have been trained on how to react to announcements like that.