Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's projects

Last night I was looking online for ideas to do with my class. I found a bunch of suggestions for Spring. So I brought a tub of soil, and we planted some grass seed. It was suggested that you let the kids use scissors to "Mow the Lawn". I figured since most of my kids are unable to cut with scissors it's a good fine motor skill project as well.

Then we talked about the rain and the clouds. I had them sponge paint a paper gray, and then they brushed a lot of glue onto another one. I then put glitter on the glue, and waited for them to dry. Then cut them out. This is the end project. Kind of fun.

Then of course there is my songs. I've been recording a bunch of songs on my kids ipods. I play the piano and sing and then we listen to them at school. My kids LOVE music, and could listen to singing all day. Here's a lovely clip of the songs about spring. Don't listen unless you want to hear my awful piano playing. I just thought I'd share if anyone was interested.

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