Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Party

My nieces had their Birthday party yesterday. My girls had so much fun! Duncan was banned to the play room, because it was a Princess party and my sister thought that Duncan would start laughing at how over the top it was.

Maren was so excited!!
Taylor was such a sweet little thing.
Tori was the "Helper" because she was so much older then the rest of the kids, but she was very excited.
Samantha loved her Tiara.
This is Princess Amerah. Way over the top, but PERFECT for a little girls birthday party.
I couldn't keep Jason upstairs, or with pants on. This is what he did almost the whole time.
Dancing, curtsying, the girls enjoyed every minute of it.

Once again, Jason trying to pop the balloon.
Samantha thinks she's funny.
This is what Duncan did the whole time. I don't think he was very disappointed at being un-invited to the party.
Cake! I couldn't keep Jason's fingers out of the pink frosting.
Crowns and everything. It was definitely a good time.
Thanks Leslie, the kids had a ball!! Happy Birthday Taylor and Maren!

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