Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speech Therapy Evaluation

Oh My WORD!!!! That was AWFUL!

Ok, well it was more like Jason was AWFUL!

This was Jason at his worst. He even threw a fit and tried to hit me when I said no. You should have seen the look on the speech therapists face. It was, "What am I getting myself into????"

Basically it was the basic speech evaluation, which is close to none right now. She played with Jason long enough for me to fill out the paper work, but as soon as I was done she jumped up and really look flabbergasted. I told her this would be the perfect time for the O.T. to see him. She looked relieved and said, " have another evaluation with the O.T.? That would be a REALLY good idea."

I had to snap pictures every once in a while because if I didn't find it funny I would have pulled my hair out.

Jason fell in the garbage can....??????

Finally I told Samantha she could watch a movie on the IPad if Jason would watch it too.
If we are doing this once a week, Samantha is going to need to stay home. =)

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