Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jason and the O.T.

Today was the O.T. Evaluation. He was pretty good this morning. We talked about all our concerns with Jason. And how we want to help him learn to cope with being frustrated. As well as simple, yet not simple, things such as potty training and getting him off his bottle.

We were in this room for our discussion. Jason ended up with a swing in the middle. He enjoyed that.
Then he sat on the bench and watch the ipad for a while.
We went down to the gym and let him have free reign. This is where he spent most of his time. I will have to invest in a ball pit.

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OTNavyWifey said...

I just came across your posting when I googled Sticklers Syndrome. I'm an OT who is currently treating a child with that diagnosis. I love reading about Jason, though! I'm glad you guys have sought out OT help. Wish you all the best :)