Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crazy schedule

Today was very hard. This morning started out with me having to convince my children that they really did need to get ready for school. They really did need to brush their hair. They really did need to get their shoes on. Some mornings just don't cooperate! I had to work this morning, and Jason did better last time grandma and grandpa picked him up from my class room, to take him to preschool. We did this again, but this time Jason wanted to stay outside. So that was the second struggle of the day. School was school. I'm supposed to be working with my two students who need a signer, but there ability levels are so different it's hard to figure out how to work with them both. I'm trying to devise a plan on how to incorporate both of their needs into one set lesson. Primary children's north called me to set up appointments and just happened to have a cancelations for today. So that added another thing to the schedule. As described below, it was awful!!! Tori had achievement days at the same time. Thankfully my friend Kelli picked her up or I wouid have been late for the appointment. At five Duncan had soccer practice. Thank goodness the in-laws let us borrow the truck, because Duncan would of been late for that. Brett also was able to attend the practice, which I'm sure the other coach appreciated. We had been asked to speak at a cub scouts about compassion, that again Jason was really bad. My sweet mother-in-law choked up when speaking of jasons disabilities. It was hard to follow her. Then Duncan had to be to young men's at seven. Thank goodness once again Brett was home, Duncan would have been late there as well. I got home and crashed. I about cried myself. Too much for one day. I don't know why Jason was so naughty today. I just hope he doesn't get sick.......sigh.

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