Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Boot Camp

I finished again!!! And I almost finished TWICE!!!

30 crunches
40 bicycle crunches
15 leg lifts
40 Round House Kicks
40 TRX Reverse Switch Lunges
50 BoSu Switch Foot
30 Jumping Ball Squats
40 One Arm Snatch Press
Block Run
30 Band Squat Press
100 Dumbbell Punches

I made it through this once, and then when I got to the block run on the second time I didn't have time to go around the block again. So that was substituted with 8 laps of the gym, side steps, front run, back run, and grapevines.

Then I got to the last and only got 30 dumbbell punches in. Not a bad days work!

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