Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Tooth Week

This has been an awful dental week for the Lutz family. Samantha and I had a dentist appointment today, and I thought we were in for a quick fix type a deal.

I was first. He didn't even have to numb me. One of my fillings was just pulling up so he drilled it out a little and refilled it. Easy as Pie.

Then Samantha. John was AWESOME and she didn't even flinch when getting her mouth numbed. He starts out by telling me the one tooth is broken more then having a cavity. So he would start there and see how long it took.

Samantha required a Pulpotomy. This is the cheaper, easier version of a root canal. Our dentist is my brothers Father-in-Law so he was awesome and took some good pictures of her tooth for me. Considering everything that Samantha had to go through she was quite the trooper.

Before the filling
After the filling.


Kari said...

That tooth looked absolutely horrible! It must have hurt.

LutzFam said...

Thank goodness that was after it was numbed up. But yes, I can't believe she didn't complain!!!