Friday, March 4, 2011

Braille Challenge

The girls had their Braille Challenge today. I dropped them off at 9:00am at the blind center and then came back to see what they earned at about 2:00 pm. Samantha and Tori were AWESOME! They got along and had a great time after their testing.

Tori received 1st place in Braille Spelling in her group, and 2nd place in Reading Comprehension in her group.

Samantha got two Honorable Mentions in Braille Spelling and Reading Comprehension in her group.

They have learned so much over this year it's amazing. We also were able to pick up a lot of free Braille books. And let me tell you those puppies aren't cheep! =)

There were quite a few NEWS crews here are the links to their stories that I've found so far. Their was actually video cameras there so if I find a news report on it I'll post it at another time.

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