Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday

The kids have had a fun couple of days. The only thing I can think for Tuesday was Duncan got to go with the scouts to a zip line. He had a lot of fun, and wanted t go again. His buddy Curtis slept over and stayed at our house just about all day. He then slept over again Wednesday night. He is becoming a permanent fixture in our home.

Tori and Sam went to my sister Leslie's house to help out with her kids. Tori can be quite helpful when she has the mind to be. I threatened them to get along or I wouldn't let Sam go back. And if Tori started it just to get Sam in trouble I wouldn't let her help Leslie anymore. They came home and Leslie said they got along the whole time. They are back there again today.

Jason has actually been playing with his toys in his room. He hasn't been interested in his toys much until the last couple weeks. Another fun bit of progress.This is what I endure all day long. Yesterday he actually put his feet up against the wall and I couldn't get him off me. He's a strong little bugger.
Brett made ribs yesterday. I got them for really cheep! He did a good job! Especially considering they were the first ribs he's ever cooked. He already has some ideas to make them better, but even the kids cleaned there plates.

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sidskids said...

It is great to see Jason doing some activities. What a change.