Saturday, July 17, 2010


We had breakfast with our ward this morning. It was our Patriotic Celebration. I really didn't plan on going because I didn't have a casserole to bring, and I was tired! Duncan called from the church to make sure we were going because he had to help with the flag ceremony. It was lovely. There were quite a few people there, and then a bunch of Missionaries showed up to polish off the remainder. It has been quite a nice do nothing kind of Saturday.

Again, the girls played in the water. Our back yard is kind of getting swampy. They are going to have to let it dry out before they play in the water again.
So they went into the front yard. Fine with me. It's pretty dry!
The Elders came by to see if they could transfer some things off a voice recorder. They were singing at an activity tonight, and they wanted to get it on "tape". They stayed at our house for about 2 hours, moving things around for Duncan to make his computer go faster.
Jason went outside with the kids to play in the water, but ended up in the backyard.
We roasted marshmallows tonight and the neighbors were out back. They had marshmallows as big as your fist, so they came over and we had some fun.
Jake had to light off some fireworks. The kids thought they were awesome! Truth to be told, I did too! There just isn't anything like good fireworks.

I love this picture!!! It makes me smile!
Samantha wasn't quite as adventurous. She wanted to stay back on the porch.
Angela, came over and just plopped down on Bretts lap. She is so dang cute!
Sam looking up at the sky.
I thought this was a cool picture. Just caught the tail end.
Here's my Sam.
Sparklers. Gotta love em!
Jason was doing this the whole time. He crashed before dinner. We were out too late last night!!

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