Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Duncan had his soccer clinic again this morning. I'd mistakenly thought this clinic went just till the end of last week. So another week, of me dragging myself out of bed in time to pick up Duncan. He is really enjoying it though.

Jean Dellangelo, Jason's Speech Therapist, came to the house today. She worked on a few things with Jason. She played a game where they PUSHED some balls IN a box, she used the capitaled words over and over again. She did a puzzle with him, that of course he excelled in. She named all the shapes and then he wanted her to count them when they were done. She had some cards with children s faces on them with their mouths in different shapes, and she would hold them up and say AAAAA, EEEEEEE, OOOOOOOO. Jason didn't actually voice any of the sounds, but his cute mouth was attempting to make the right shapes. She did another puzzle with him that had animals. She held up the puzzle pieces and we asked him where they went. He would point to the right place, and then we would say the animal sounds. At this point he was done, so she started getting things put away. We sang a song, I can make my feet go jump, jump, jump.....and he loved it. He would jump and look at us, as if to say more please. Progress.....

Duncan went with his buddy to the park, after much coaxing on my part to turn of his computer. While he was at the park, the girls had a parade. The neighbor kids even knocked on doors and told them they were having it.

This is the extent of the parade. Tori was quite clever and tied the wagon to her bike.
This is a couple of our sweet neighbors that actually stood out on the sidewalk, and clapped and waved at my kids.
Samantha decided she didn't want to be in the parade. I'm guessing that Tori had a cooler float then Samantha so she just wanted to bow out.
Jason sat on my lap, as we sat on the side of the road. He was pretty tired.
Tori's float.
Another of our sweet neighbors, she walked around with her daughter so she could be in the parade.
Tori was quite pleased with how it turned out.

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