Thursday, July 15, 2010


Duncan had soccer at 6:30am again. Brett has been taking him to the soccer field and then going to work. I almost missed him today because I couldn't get up. Tori came into ask me something, and then I remembered Duncan wasn't home. Unsurprising I was the last parent to pick up their kid. Duncan smiled and said, "I wish you would have waited another five or ten minutes. I was going to walk to Grandma Child's house."

Then Leslie stopped by and took the kids up to my Mom's house for a little while. They had fun and Jason and I had a little alone time.

Jean and Jean came to the house to do Jason's six month evaluation. We kept a lot of his goals the same, and we changed our visiting schedules. It should be a little more stable now. They did say that Jason will probably be going to the Special Needs Preschool four days a week. I really think that this will help Jason A LOT!!

Duncan and Brett had to go to soccer practice. I think Duncan is soccer-ed out.

The girls have been playing very well together the past few days. It helps that they have been spending the majority of their days out in the sprinklers or playing with the hose. I guess the cold water is cooling their dispositions.

I made chicken rolls for dinner. A favorite of the kids from Grandma Siddoway. Brett of course had to make the rolls, I'm hopeless there. I opened the flour bin to dust my counter top so I could roll out the dough. I forgot to put the lid back on. This is what I found, when I finally paid attention to more then cooking.

This was the reason for bath number three.

We made chocolate chip cookies after dinner. It really has been quite the enjoyable week.


sidskids said...

Words can not describe Jason. How did you get the mess cleaned up?

Poor Duncan, where was he when you forgot him?

LutzFam said...

I threw Jason in the tub, and put the massaging mode on the shower head. It took a minute but it all came out.

Duncan had his soccer clinic at South Davis. Thank goodness it's over. =)