Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today felt pretty good. I've been enjoying myself, and enjoying the kids. Strange. =)

I went to the store to get some more cleaning supplies. Jason decided to dump 1/2 of a costco container of Pinesol out on my floor the other day, so I didn't have any. On my way to the store I was INSPIRED! I know, it's cheesy to say so, but I know it wasn't my idea that just popped into my head. I wasn't even thinking of having the kids help with the kitchen. I bought ice cream and the kids all took a cloth and we cleaned the floor. They all worked hard and had fun doing it.

Thank you, children!
Even Jason got into the fun.
Then at dinner my sweet adorable baby boy, decided he wanted to lick Duncan's hair. He climbed up there all by himself. It was quite entertaining!!!
Then we had ice cream afterward. We counted how many licks it took to eat them. It was a way to keep us all together enjoying each others company. Duncan took 35 licks, Tori took 54 licks, and Samantha took 105 licks. Duncan said he won, but I advised him that Samantha won because she got to taste her ice cream the most. =)
Who knows how many licks it took Jason, but he was covered with ice cream when he was finished so I had to drop him into the tub.

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sidskids said...

We love it. Keep them coming, tell Duncan 13 Sundays!!