Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm wasted!! I was up until 3:30am last night working, and I'm sure that I will be up till that time or later tonight. Thankfully I haven't felt ornery, until about 9:00pm. I want the kids to go to bed now.

Duncan had to be at a soccer clinic at 6:30am this morning. He said that they scrimaged and practice dribbling most of the time. The person in charge of the clinic put the 5 guys from Duncan's team together against the rest of the group. They won 6-5 (or 6-2 if you count like Duncan). I couldn't find my keys so I had to call a friend of mine to go get Duncan. Thankfully she was going to pick up her kid and I didn't make her turn around. He also had scouts tonight, and came home with a snazzy new t-shirt for the summer.

Tori has had a bit of a struggle today. She's having a hard time with the amount of friends that Duncan has in our neighborhood. Unfortunately most all of the kids around Tori's age are boys, and they want to be Duncan's friend, not Tori's. I hope the girls figure out how to play together this summer.

Samantha has been overly affectionate today. I'm not sure what happened. Usually she only wants to hug if she's feeling sad, but she has seemed to be pretty happy today. Maybe she's turning a corner.

Jason has been exhausted today. He didn't go to sleep until 11:00pm so you would expect that he would take a nap. Nope! Instead he showed me his first real response to being angry. If I didn't know for a fact that he was mad at me, I would have laughed. I took a permanent marker away from him, I have no idea where he found it. He cried, and then walked over to me tight lipped and growling. I thought I was in for it. He put his fist ever so gently against my arm and pushed. He didn't hit, he just forcefully expressed his dislike for my removing the marker from his chubby little hand. Hopefully he will let Brett get him down tonight. He hasn't been too cooperative in this department.

This evening while dinner was cooking we played Marshmallow Basketball. The kids thought this was pretty cool. Duncan asked why we were going to play. I told him, "Just for fun." He said, "Man this summer is getting more and more fun." =)

As you can see I'm such a clever photographer, I caught Duncan's marshmallow mid air. (I'm not going to tell you how many pictures I took to get that though.)
The kids love their Marshmallows!

We were going to go outside and roast Marshmallows after dinner but dinner took too long to cook. So I microwaved them instead. I know not as fun, but the kids liked them just the same.
Jason just eats Graham Crackers. A child after my own heart.

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